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Your Mini Guide to Sedona Vortex Energy

A few weeks ago, I took a girls' trip to Sedona, Arizona. If you're unfamiliar, Sedona is a mecca for the spiritually-inclined such as myself. Crystal stores and hippies abound!

One of the highlights of the trip was a vortex tour that took us to Rachel's Knoll and Buddha Beach. Later, we hiked at the Airport Mesa Vortex, which, in addition to having vortex energy also had tremendous views of the famous red rocks of Sedona.

What is a Vortex?

A vortex is an area of concentrated energy emanating from the earth. They're found across the planet, often in places with sacred sites, like the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Sedona is riddled with vortexes.

There are masculine vortexes, which come from the earth, which for many (myself included) feels tingly and energetic. These may be on mesas or peaks high up, from what I understand.

There are also feminine vortexes, which send energy into the earth. These are located in valleys or low spots, and feel more grounding.

People experience them differently. Rachel's Knoll felt like I'd had an extra jolt of caffeine. I was buzzing and energetic. At Airport Mesa, my friend, Sandra, said it felt like time was moving slowly. Some people feel calm and relaxed.

If you go to Sedona, don't expect there to be an "x marks the spot" for the vortexes, like I did. They spread out, and apparently can ebb and flow in their energy. You may feel them where no one else does, so be mindful and open to seeing what you feel.

After experiencing the vortex energy, I felt like a junky! I wanted more. It just felt so good!

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