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You Are Your Own Inner Guru

People (myself included) pay a lot of money for the wisdom of others. And while we can sometimes get great knowledge from others, the real experts are a lot closer to home.

Why do we trust others more than we trust ourselves?

Stop Asking for Permission

I'm guilty of this: feeling like I can't do something until some nebulous force gives me permission, or I see someone else do it. I dragged my feet in launching The Goddess Magic Circle because I wasn't sure what it was supposed to look like (in all honesty, I'm still not).

I did a lot of research to see what others were offering...but here's the thing. Nothing looked exactly like the business model I had in mind.

So, rather than waiting for my fairy goddessmother to wave her sparkly wand over my head, I just launched it. No permission needed.

Where in your life are you waiting to get permission? What would you do if you weren't holding yourself back?

Maybe you'd start a business...

...brave online dating...

...quit a job you hate...

...take a trip on your own.

If there's anything that you yearn to do but haven't gotten the permission you're seeking, consider this carte blanche. You now have permission to do absolutely anything!

Your Intuition is Your Smartest Ally

How many times have we said, "I totally knew that [the flight would be delayed/that guy would be a douche/something bad would happen if I went down that dark alley]" after something happened?

We know things. Our intuition is always guiding us...but most of us ignore it. Kinda like all those notifications we get on our phones. We don't trust that little niggling, so we plug our fingers in our ears.


Then, when we realize that little voice was spot-on, we're quick to claim it.


But what would happen if, instead of ignoring our intuition...we actually listened to it?

When my marriage fell apart, I kept asking myself, "how could you not know what was going on?"

Then I realized, I had known something was amiss. I didn't know the details, but I'd felt things were off for years. And still, my biggest fear was not being with this man, so I ignored those signs.

You can bet I pay attention to my gut instinct now!

I might be on a solo trip in Italy, and my gut tells me that going down a particularly empty street in the evening is a bad idea. It might tell me that, rather than going out three days in a row, I should stay home and rest my body. It might warn me away from going out with the wrong man.

And I listen.

What has your instinct told you, and have you listened?

We don't need to pay others to give us advice on what to do. We already have all the wisdom we need within.

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