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Why Goddess is the Ideal Business Partner

I'm not a procrastinator. That's the first thing you need to know about me.

But as eager as I was to launch my new course, The Goddess Blueprint to Turning Your Passion into a Business, I was struggling with narrowing down the content I wanted to include. I've been writing about starting a business for 15 years, and I have a firehose of knowledge! So the struggle was in narrowing it down.

I stepped away from my desk to take a break—which, by the way, is my best tip for solving a problem. Just step away from it and the answer will come!—and saw images of Goddesses all over my house.

Oh, DUH.

The message they were sending me was: you're not alone in this. We want to partner with you!

Your Dream Business Partner

Having a business partner is not always a dream come true. I started a business a few years ago with a friend...long story short, the friendship ended and I started the business on my own.

And yet...having someone who's aligned with your values and goals...someone you can bounce ideas off of...having the right business partner can help you elevate your vision so much faster.

Who better to fit that role than Goddess?

Saraswati, Goddess of Self-Knowledge

My practice for connecting with Goddess looks like this: I ground myself in front of my altar space. I then ask a question, shuffle my Goddess oracle deck, and pull the card that speaks to me.

I asked who wanted to be my business partner and laughed when I drew Saraswati. Another DUH! She's the Goddess of self-knowledge and creativity, and we are very much aligned in how much we love learning!

We had a conversation about the course. She asked questions, as any good business partner would. She knew I was eager to start writing content, but She told me to do more research to find others who are doing something similar (excellent business advice).

We agreed to reconvene at a later date!

Who's Your Business Partner?

The way you connect with Goddess may look different than my method, or maybe you've never connected to Her at all (in that case, I'm happy to do a Goddess Reading for you to help you find your business partner!). If you have a way to connect, it's absolutely right for you.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Draw a card from a goddess oracle deck

  • Type in "goddess of {starting a business/gaining confidence/being grounded}" and choose the first one you find

  • Do my free Meet Your Goddess meditation to connect

Look at your Goddess business partner as an accountability buddy: when you're stuck or know you're avoiding doing something, reach out to Her and see what wisdom she has to help you move forward!

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