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What are You Seeking?

I think all of us who are into alternative healing, tarot, witchcraft, magic, yoga, et cetera are seekers. We're looking for a connection to the Divine, and we play with the tools that help us find it.

So what are you seeking?

For me, I seek a deeper understanding of my past lives to understand this one. I seek to deepen my connection with Goddess through the readings I do. I seek to connect with other women who I can learn from and share my own knowledge with.

On the Path to Enlightenment

When you think about Buddha or someone else who's enlightened, how do you picture them? Do you see them just sitting under a tree, meditating all day?

In reality, if you're a seeker, you're on that path to enlightenment. It may not happen in this lifetime. But every piece of knowledge and experience you seek out enhances your life, heals past wounds, and connects you to your Higher Self.

Two years ago, I set a New Year's resolution to learn something new each month, whether that be through a book or a course. That intention ignited a fire in my brain, and since then, I've learned:

  • Reiki (I'm now a Master!)

  • The Priestess Path (I'm now an initiated Priestess of Magdalene)

  • Tarot

  • Moonology

  • A dabbling of astrology

  • A bit about Shamanism

I'm always juggling multiple courses and reading multiple books at once! I created a monster! Still, I love absorbing whatever I'm interested in, then seeing connections between each of the topics.

What does being a Seeker mean to you, and how does it enhance your life?

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