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The Fire Goddess: Burn the Dross

I'm trying something new today: I channeled a Goddess to see what message She had for me to share with you. Today, it was the Fire Goddess (I asked for Her name, but She wanted to be general. There are many Fire Goddesses you can check out).

Her Message: Burn the Dross

I first heard this term in the channeled book, The Magdalene Manuscript, but my research tells me the origin of the phrase, "burn the dross," goes back the Bible.

The message here is to burn off what no longer serves you to make room for the new, wonderful stuff.

She sent me an image of a fire ravaging a landscape. Sure, that might seem scary and violent, but it removes all the dead wood and leaves to create a blank canvas (more on that canvas in a moment).

So take a look at your own life. What's no longer serving you?

Maybe you're in a relationship you're not happy in, but you figure it's better to be with someone, even if there are problems, than to be alone (I beg to differ).

Maybe you have negative self talk where you tell yourself you're not good enough, not pretty enough, can't do something, or are weak. Is that messaging truly serving your happiness?

Maybe you have a friendship that has outlived its usefulness, but you hang onto it out of habit.

We all have things that are no longer serving us. Just like that forest, it's a constant pattern of growth and decay. Now is time to clear out that decay. Burn the dross.

What are Your Poppies?

I recently learned about a type of poppies (called fire poppies, appropriately) that only grow after a fire. Their seeds lay dormant until they get the signal, through smoke or heat, that it's time to blossom.

What a lovely concept, and wonderful metaphor.

The Goddess showed me these brilliant poppies pushing through the charred forest floor, and before long, the entire ground was orange with thousands of them. Those beauties needed that dross to be burned before they could shine.

Now imagine you've burned that dross. You've told that nasty voice in your head that it's not okay to talk to yourself the way it does, and now you're gaining confidence and feeling happy. Or you walked away from that relationship that you felt alone in, and you're discovering the joys of being single.

How can a fire in your life bring more joy? Can you imagine the brilliance that burning the dross could bring? I invite you to close your eyes and imagine the possibility of a life with more happiness. Can you see it?

Burning the dross requires continually paying attention to our lives and noticing what's no longer as brilliant as it once was.

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