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The Catch When It Comes to Manifesting

So you've put in energy toward manifesting something in your life. Maybe you've made a vision board, visualized your life after you've accomplished what you've set your goal on, or even taken my Manifest with Goddess course.

And yet...


Can you relate?

You might be tempted to write off this whole manifesting thing as being a bunch of bunk because it didn't work.

Before you throw manifesting out the window, let's see if you're missing one critical factor.

Are you putting in the work?

What Are You Willing to Do to Make it Happen?

You may have heard this analogy, but I'll say it again for you:

You can't expect to win the lottery if you don't buy a lottery ticket!

In other words, it's great that you're trying to, let's say, manifest a new business, but if you're not dedicating time to researching business ideas or doing the things it takes to start a business, the Universe isn't going to do all the heavy lifting and magically gift you a fully-formed business! Or love. Or amazing health. Or wealth. Or whatever.

If you're serious about manifesting, ask yourself: what am I willing to do to make this happen?

If you want your wish magically delivered without lifting a finger, you don't want it that badly.

Work in Partnership with the Universe

The Universe—or Goddess—wants to see that you're committed to making this manifestation request a reality. The Universe will help long as you help yourself.

Make your request however you manifest. Even simply stating out loud, "I am bringing romantic love into my life," can get the job done.

But then you need to do two things:

  1. Believe it. Really believe it.

  2. Take action steps to make it happen.

If you want to meet a romantic partner, get on dating apps. Go to events where singles hang out. Don't sit on the couch expecting Prince Charming to ring your door with your Postmates order.

Once you put in the work, a little guidance from Goddess is like icing on the manifesting cake! Get a Goddess Reading to receive clarity and direction from the Goddesses.

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