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Stop Seeking and Start Being

I think all of us light workers and folks interested in spiritual development are seeking. We're seeking answers and guidance in tarot cards, psychic readings, books, and palm readings.

But what are we hoping to find? The truth? Answers? A path toward happiness/enlightenment/ascension?

The truth is: we may need to stop seeking and start being.

Going with the Flow

At the time of writing this, I'm in Italy. Normally, I plan my trips months in advance. But I got itchy to travel and decided just 3 weeks ago that I was doing this.

Despite my spur-of-the-moment decision, I went into full planning mode immediately. I mapped out how many days I'd be where (and then promptly left my helpful calendar at home. That there was a sign!).

Despite this frenetic planning, I set the intention to go with the flow. I recognize that I try to control things, and I'm working on it.

You could say things did not go according to plan.

Now I'm nearing the end of my trip, which looked nothing like what I expected. I'm in a fancy hotel in Capri, the last place I expected to be this week. And all is well.

It's Not the Destination

I've since got Goddess' message that planning will amount to naught on this trip, so I didn't bother researching what to do in Capri. I just ambled through the winding streets with no agenda (because I certainly can't afford to shop in the high-end shops!).

I found myself at the head of a trail with several attractions to see. I chose Arco Naturale, a natural stone arc, partly because it sounded interesting and partly because it was the closest.

I couldn't believe how gorgeous the paved trail was. I relaxed and tuned into Naturae, an earth spirit I connect to when I'm in nature.

They had a message for me, and for you: it doesn't matter where the path goes, as long as you enjoy it.

I knew the trail would end at Arco Naturale, but I wasn't overly eager to see it. I wasn't seeking it. I was simply enjoying myself.

Whoa. Back up. Let's examine this.

In my life, I want (seek) a few things. One being a relationship. Sometimes I get so frustrated, not finding one. But if I apply Naturae's message, I need to stop worrying about if/when/where/why/how and simply enjoy the path. What comes next matters a whole lot less than the here and now.

When we stop seeking and start just being, beautiful things can come.

What are you seeking? How would your life look different if you stopped seeking and started being?

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