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Feeling Spiritually Unfulfilled? Read This.

If you're a woman of a certain age (let's say 40+) you may have reached a point in your life where, despite the fact that things on the surface are humming along smoothly, you're left feeling that something's missing.

Maybe after years of loving what you do for a living, you hate your job...

...maybe your kids have left the nest and you feel you have no sense of purpose...

...maybe you're suddenly single and aren't sure how to handle this new role...

You just feel...itchy. Like something isn't quite right, but you have no clue how to get it there.

Can you relate?

My friend Marcela McBride calls it a "midlife review" rather than a crisis. I like that. Because seeing this state as something that can be a catalyst for improvement is way better than considering it a problem, amiright?

Catalysts Can Create Change

Maybe you have felt like things were shifting over the last few years since something large happened in your life.

For me, that event was my divorce five years ago.

Today, as part of my ever-evolving practice of letting go of what no longer serves me, I had an interesting thought: Had my marriage not ended, I would not have the amazing happy life I have now.

Yes, bad things happened. And it's been challenging to co-parent ever since. I never saw myself as a divorced woman. Or a single one.

But that catalyst needed to happen to bring so much good into my life. An amazing group of friends. A successful marketing business AND a cool fun new spiritual one. Creating art all the damn time. Learning to improve myself and learn more about spirituality.

None of that would have happened if not for that catalyst.

My Invitation to You

If you're in the midst of your own midlife review, embrace it. Don't fight it. Because for all the sleepless nights and tears you may shed now, trust me, baby, you are going to come out even better on the other end.

I invite you to see the challenges and traumas you've experienced in another light. Something bad more than likely has happened in your life at some point...but what GOOD has come since then? What doors did that heartache open?

Shifting your perspective is a huge step forward and clears the path for amazing magic to come in! Let it!

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