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Rituals to Bring the Divine into Your Life

So maybe you're new to woo and looking for more ways to bring it into your everyday life. Rituals are a fantastic way to do just that.

What is a Ritual?

Before we start looking at rituals, let's discuss what they are.

A ritual is simply a ceremony or action combined with intent. It can be as simple as lighting a candle and as complex as a group gathering with a script and specific actions.

Writing New Year's resolutions is an example of a ritual. So is baptism or wishing on a star. You're likely already incorporating rituals into your life, even if you don't realize it.

Over the past few years, I've been incorporating more rituals into my life to the point where I hardly recognize them as being such! They're just part of my daily life.

Every day, I list three things I'm grateful for each night and morning, and I also add in one thing I want to manifest in the morning. The gratitude raises my energy and creates a great vibration for manifesting.

First, What's Your Intention?

Let's start with what you want to focus on. Here are some examples:

  • I want to ground my energy.

  • I wish to raise my vibration.

  • I want to clear out toxic vibes.

  • I would like to manifest.

  • I want to attract love.

  • I would like to create an abundant mindset.

  • I want to sleep better.

Pick just one intention per ritual. Keep the intention positive. For example, you wouldn't set the intention to get rid of a lack mentality (negative) but rather create a mindset of abundance. The Universe/Goddess hears the keywords in your intention, so when you use negative ones, She may only hear "lack mentality" and not the "get rid of" part!

What Tools Feel Right?

The internet is full of examples of rituals you can do, but I want to invite you to develop your own. Think about things you have easy access to, like candles, crystals, and herbs, and start from there. You don't need to order supplies to have a ritual!

Each item has a certain strength when it comes to ritual. For example, a red candle is great for love, while a white one can offer protection or clarity. Here's a great article about which crystals work for which purposes.

Where to Do the Ritual

Again, you don't need anything fancy to have a ritual. You can do a ritual:

  • While meditating

  • In the bath

  • In water

  • While drinking tea

  • With a friend

  • With the help of Goddess energy

  • Alone

Plan Your Words

Again, I encourage you to create your own "script," though you certainly don't need to write anything out if you're not drawn to.

Maybe you want to lose weight and you have a yellow apatite crystal. Your ritual could simply be placing the crystal in your kitchen next to those tempting snacks, and every time you see it, you say your ideal weight number.

You could write a rhyme if you're so inclined, but it's not required. The truth is, it doesn't matter what you say or do; the energy and intention behind the ritual is what truly matters.

Time for the Ritual!

Carve out time where you won't be interrupted or distracted for your ritual. If you're using a candle, crystals, or herbs, you might create a tiny altar somewhere in your house where you can leave your tools to keep working on your intention.

Your ritual might just take a minute or two, and that's okay. Again, it's about the intention. So clear your head and take a few deep breaths, then speak your intention while holding your tools.

You may want to do the ritual several times or even daily to really seal in that intention.

I'd love to hear what your rituals look like! Please share below.

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