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Do You Listen to the Negative Creatures in Your Head?

We've all got them. A nasty little creature in our heads that tell us we aren't good enough...

...that we're fat...or old...or ugly...

...that we don't deserve...

...that we aren't experienced enough...

...that we're unlovable.

I call mine Negative Nelly. She's short, squat, and green. When I'm feeling insecure, she hops on my shoulder and criticizes me.

Sometimes I believe what she says.

The Damage a Creature Can Cause

The problem with allowing that creature to have a say is that you can start to believe yours, too.

Maybe you've dreamed of starting a business, but your little creature tells you that you don't know the first thing about running a business, and that you're better off in the job you detest.

So you put your dreams on the backburner, all because this nonexistent creature, this piece of your ego, puts fear between you and those dreams.

These creatures love creating havoc. They want us to hate ourselves. To feel inferior. To be afraid. To never try.

Let's not give them the satisfaction.

Embrace (Then Destroy) Your Creature

The faster you can identify when that creature is whispering in your ear, the faster you can yank it off your shoulder and squash it like a bug. But you might need a little help to get there.

I've designed this free meditation to help you overcome obstacles and negative thinking. Let me know if it helps!

Get your free Overcoming Obstacles Meditation!

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