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Ready to Manifest with Goddess?

I'm so excited to share something I've been working on for a while: my first course, called Manifest with Goddess.

I've been working with different Goddesses to manifest what I want for a few years, and it occurred to me that not everyone had this tool in their spiritual toolbox. Thus, the course was birthed.

Every Goddess has different energy. Lakshmi is all about bringing you material wealth. Quan Yin will bring you peace and compassion. Durga will help you fight your battles.

But if you don't ask, they can't give you what you want.

Fighting Your Inner Creature

I know that for many of us, believing that we can create whatever we want in life is a tall order. We have, unfortunately, learned to listen to that nagging, negative voice in our heads that says...

You'll never get that...

You don't deserve that...

It isn't possible...

I've included a pretty cool meditation in the course that will help you meet that nasty little creature and find peace with it so you can shift your mindset to an abundant one.

Connect with the Goddess Who's Here to Help

The course also walks you through how to connect with the specific Goddess who wants to help you right now. You might need a different Goddess each time. My go-to gals are:

  • Lakshmi

  • Saraswati

  • Kali

  • Mary Magdalene

  • Aphrodite

Depending on what I'm asking for, I'll choose the one best connected to that type of energy. But if you haven't yet met the Goddesses in your Cosmic Posse, not to worry; you'll meet them in this course.

Let's Live Better Lives

What would your life look like if you stopped having to struggle to get what you wanted? If things came to you with ease? I can speak from personal experience as a master manifestor: life gets a hell of a lot more fun!

I've manifested everything from parking spots to the perfect house. I've gotten free international trips, really cool friends, and financial success...all because I asked Goddess for these things.

What will you ask Her for?

Get the Manifest with Goddess course now.

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