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Making Magic with Goddess Circe

Today I'd like to share a little about a Goddess who I think doesn't get nearly enough attention: Greek Goddess Circe. She was the Goddess of Magic, and was known for her ability to use plants for magical purposes.

A Very Brief History

I communed with Circe before writing this article, and She didn't want me to focus too much on Her past, but here's just a brief overview.

Her family was hard on Her because She wasn't beautiful and compliant like Her sister Pasiphae. One day, out of jealousy (because the guy she liked was into a chick named Scylla), she turned Scylla into a sea monster. For that, she was banished to the island of Aeaea.

There, she was content to spend time alone picking her herbs and making magic. But then ships full of men would show up, ready to gawk at the witch (because, you know, men label defiant women they can't control as witches). Circe wasn't having that so she would turn them into beasts like pigs and lions.

You can read more about Her affair with Odysseus and more here. I just wanted to show you that She was a bit of a badass independent woman.

Ways to Work with Circe

So in my discussion with Circe, She wanted to share three ways you can work with Her.

  • Plant magic

  • Embracing independence and power

  • Manifesting

1. Connect with Magical Nature

Being alone on an island filled with plants, Circe quickly figured out how to use them, not only for healing but also for magic. She encourages you to spend time in nature and get to know the properties of magical plants.

2. Own Your Independence and Power

Living alone on an island ain't for the faint of heart, but our girl Circe managed it well. Whether you're struggling with being single or have suddenly found yourself on your own, She wants you to know She's here to help you own that power. Being alone doesn't mean you have to be lonely.

3. Manifest Your Dreams

Whether you believe Circe was a witch or not, you've got to give Her props for her ability to make things happen. She wants you to know that you have the same power! And you can always ask for Her help in manifesting whatever you want.

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