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Lakshmi Wants to Bring You Abundance

Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Abundance, is one of my go-to Goddesses. After all, who doesn't want more abundance in their life?

Abundance doesn't always have to mean cold, hard cash. You can have an abundance of time...of love...of creativity. And Lakshmi's here to give it all to us. Because we totally deserve it!!

Who is Lakshmi?

Lakshmi, who was first mentioned in Hindu scriptures as far back as 100-500 BC, wasn’t born like other people (or even Gods or Goddesses): in the epic tale, Ramayana, She sprung from the foam of an ocean of milk created by the gods.

As the wife of Vishnu, the protector of the universe, Lakshmi assists in its creation and transformation. She is beautiful with Her four arms, and carries a lotus flower, which symbolizes beauty rising from the mud, or the chaos and turmoil of life.

She is here to help us manifest what we want in life, whether that's more money, personal freedom, name it.

Honoring Lakshmi

For Hindus, Lakshmi is a domestic Goddess that they worship and ask for prosperity from on a daily basis. They may have statues of Her in their homes, where they may leave offerings or chant Her name, especially on Friday, as that’s the day it’s believed She opens the doors to prosperity.

Working with Lakshmi

There are several ways you can work with this Goddess. The simplest is to put a statue or image of Her somewhere in your home. I use a Goddess card like this:

I like to light a candle and put a few coins or flowers by Her card to symbolize the abundance I seek.

You can also play what I call "What would Lakshmi do?"

Go through your day acting as if you were Her. How would She act? What would She wear?

She would live life abundantly, savoring beauty and flavor. She would move slowly through life, appreciating every moment. She would wear clothes She feels gorgeous in.

You can call Her in by doing things that feel abundant and luxurious. And you don't need any money to do that! You could take a luxurious bath...spend hours reading...take a leisurely walk and literally stop and smell the roses!

To ask Her for what you want, you can simply state your request out loud in front of Her image. You can write it down. Or you can do a visual meditation and meet with Her in person! Here's a free meditation to do just that (as well as meditations to meet Kali and Athena as well).

The key to Lakshmi helping you is believing that you are worthy of receiving what you ask for. For many of us, that's a challenge. We think we're not worthy. We could never have X. But we can and should. Once you let go of that money scarcity mindset, Lakshmi is here to help!

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