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I'm Just the Messenger!

As I'm doing more and more Goddess Readings, questions are starting to come up, so I wanted to address those here.

What is a Goddess Reading?

A Goddess Reading is a bit of a hybrid between a tarot card reading and a psychic reading. You give me a question. I sit with it and blindly draw a Goddess oracle card (right now I'm using this Divine Feminine deck).

I also draw a couple of crystals that call to me for you (this is a free bonus!). Then I sit in meditation and have a visual journey where I meet with the Goddess I've drawn. I ask your question and get guidance from her.

Rarely do we get a yes/no answer. Goddess likes to share whatever guidance She feels you need right now. Some are chattier than others!

What if I Don't Connect with the Goddess You Draw?

It happens. There are literally millions of Goddesses. You're not supposed to feel a connection with them all.

Recently, I had a client for whom I drew Esther, a Jewish Goddess. She didn't connect with Her because she (the client) isn't Jewish. My response to this is: there are Goddesses in many cultures, religions, and traditions. But in the end, whatever Goddess I work still Goddess. She's part of the Divine Feminine. Don't get caught up in Her trappings and backstory.

Sometimes that backstory and Her properties are part of Her message for you. Sometimes not. I had a client for whom I drew Yemoja, who is connected with water. The reading had nothing to do with water, nor did her question. Maybe somewhere in the future, she'll find a water connection. But the message was still clear.

Sometimes the Goddess I draw comes from my own energy. If I'm feeling particularly fiery, Kali might show up (we're good buddies). Sometimes it's just like a party of women...everyone wants a turn to talk!

So my point here is: focus on the message. If the actual Goddess resonates, great. Learn more about her. If not, it might not be the right time for you to connect, but there's still a reason She chose you.

The Message You Gave Didn't Resonate. What Gives?

Not to be cliche, but...don't shoot the messenger! The message I receive may not resonate YET, but give it time.

I actually communed with Shakti about this and she said: "You do not owe people the message they want to hear. You owe them what Goddess wants to give."

Well said, Shakti!

As I said, I rarely get a straight yes or no answer, and Goddess likes to talk in metaphors. Sometimes you need to sit to integrate the message for a few days. I'm happy to clarify any questions you have after a reading as well!

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