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How to Embrace Your Feminine Aspect

I've written before about masculine and feminine energies, which we all have. Some of us have more masculine energy (regardless of gender), while others lean more toward the feminine. This balance can also change, depending on the season.

Masculine energy is one of action. Of doing. Force. Power.

Feminine energy is of reflecting. Going inward. Planning.

Winter is the ideal time to embrace the feminine. Think about it: the earth is hibernating. The flowers are waiting until the sun reemerges in the spring to raise their colorful heads. The sun goes to bed early. I don't know about you, but I love curling up under a blanket with a good book on a cold, cloudy day. I'm less inclined to go out after dark to run errands. I am, in a sense, hibernating too.

Why We Need the Feminine

If you're like most Westerners, you feel like you always need to be busy. Doing. We've made working more than 40 hours a week—weekends included—the norm, and many people feel like if they aren't always accessible via phone and email, they might miss out on something.

But we can only work this way for so long before we suffer burnout. Stress. Anxiety.

Maybe you understand? Maybe you've personally worked yourself into mental collapse?

That's exactly why we need the feminine.

But even if you don't work yourself to death, you still need the feminine. We often put so much focus on the now that we don't consider what we want in the future and how we can achieve it.

Going into the feminine, becoming introspective, allows us to step away from the day-to-day and see the big picture. What do you want for your life? Where are you now in relation to where you want to go? How can you achieve those goals?

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your future is less planning and more reflecting.

How to Let the Feminine In

So you now understand that balancing both the feminine and masculine energies is necessary and that right now is a great time to let in the feminine. So how can you do it?

Take things off your to-do list. You may have trouble telling anyone no, but doing so allows you to value your own self-care, which is a huge part of the feminine. Even if you have things you think must be done, trust me: most things can wait.

Meditate. Even five minutes a day, on a regular basis, can help you quiet your mind and shut out those thoughts that keep you awake at night.

Do things you love. For me, that's reading books. Yoga. Hot baths. Walks. Time with friends. How often do you prioritize your own interests?

Journal. Write about your dreams. Your frustrations. What happened today. What you look forward to tomorrow. How you feel. What you want.

Just be. This one is hard for those of us who have a lot of masculine energy. We feel like we need to be doing. If it's a challenge for you, start with 10 minutes just sitting. Look around the room. Note what you see, hear, smell, and feel. There doesn't need to be a purpose or end goal with everything you do.

Last year, during the thick of COVID, I made embracing the feminine a priority. I committed to not making any big decisions until 2021. It was an incredible gift because I sat with myself and really assessed what was working in my life and what wasn't.

In January of this year, I was raring to go on several plans I'd developed, including starting this business. But waiting gave me the opportunity to think through decisions rather than making them too quickly.

So I ask you: how can you embrace the feminine this winter? How will you commit to yourself?

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