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How to Embody Your Authentic Self

A few years ago, I was not being my authentic self. I told myself I was, but there were things I hid from people who were close to me, specifically that I was quite a woo-woo girl. I felt like there were two sides to me: the one people knew, and the one I secretly delighted in, playing with tarot cards and rituals.

It got to a point where this dichotomy got uncomfortable, and I knew something had to change. I started telling people about my spiritual side. I started telling select people that I...drumroll a witch.

I waited for condemnation or burning...but instead got support and curiosity.

I realized it was safe to me be.

Now, historically, this wasn't the case. Just look at the witch trials around the world. Even women who weren't witches got burned or hanged, even if their "crime" was using herbs to heal people! So, understandably, there's a little fear for many of us to share that vulnerable side with people.

How Authentic Are You?

Take a moment to consider how authentic you are. Are you 100% who you are with everyone in your life, or do you hide part of yourself even to people you love and trust?

Certainly, we put on a mask at work, and that's something I'm struggling with. I'm not sure that my business clients need to know I'm into Goddesses, and that's okay. But if you're not being real with the people in your daily life, your friends, your family, your significant other, trust me, you won't be able to sustain that duality forever.

Invite in the Authentic

So how can you embody your authentic self? Start by defining what's important to you. For me, that's working with Goddesses and constantly learning more on my spiritual path.

Now, how can you bring those passions and interests into more areas of your life? Maybe you start by creating a little altar in your room...and leaving it out, even if a new partner or, in my case, your house cleaner might see it. What's scary about a couple of candles, crystals, and an oracle card or two?

Be ready to answer questions, because the people in your life who aren't into the same things will have questions. I've found it hard to articulate what it means to be a priestess, but it's good practice to do so. And you don't have to have all the answers. Still, curiosity is healthy, and you might end up introducing others to things that you're into!

Make sure your words and actions align with what's in your heart. If you're strongly tied to animal guides, don't go hunting with your family if it makes you uncomfortable. Don't chime in when people make fun of those airy-fairy hippy-dippy people if you're one of them!

Find people with similar interests. This has been challenging for me because I hid my spiritual side so long, and it felt incredibly vulnerable to walk into a room for a new moon circle, even though everyone else was interested in the same things! Start by finding online groups if that makes you more comfortable.

Let That Light Shine

Let me tell you, since I've decided to "come out" spiritually, I feel such relief. It's gotten so much easier to talk to even people I don't know about my business and the things I'm into.

One final piece of advice: once you're confident in being your authentic self, realize that not everyone is as far along as you. There will be people who still keep their spiritual sides quiet, and it's not your job to pull them into the light. Also, not everyone will be as enthusiastic about fairies, pendulums, or tarot like you are, so be open to sharing your interests but not pushing them!

And have fun! Nothing feels as wonderful as being your authentic self!

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