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How Do You Celebrate Halloween?

For us witchy types, Halloween is an excuse to be more "us," isn't it? I have a witchy shirt I wear all October, knowing it won't raise eyebrows (though, maybe I SHOULD raise eyebrows!).

When my son was young, Halloween meant walking around our neighborhood and trick-or-treating. Now that he's 17 and over it (the dressing up part, anyway), I spend it with my friends...walking around our neighborhood and trick-or-treating.

The Evolution of a Pagan Holiday

Just like many of our holidays, Halloween evolved from a pagan one. Called Samhain, it was the holiday to mark the end of summer and harvest season and the beginning of the winter months. Pagans believed that ghosts came forth on this day. Not sure how we turned such an honorary day into one obsessed with candy and horrific costumes, but we won't go there today!

The Veils are Thin

You've probably heard the term, "the veils are thin at Halloween." What this means is that the boundary between the worlds of the living and those who have passed on/other realms is more permeable than at any other time of year.

I actually honor this the day after Halloween on Day of the Dead. I make an altar of those who have passed on, including my father, grandmother, and adopted grandmother/neighbor. I add a few candles and things that call to me like crystals or feathers. My dad had a sweet tooth, so I'll put out a piece of candy for him.

It's a lovely way to honor our ancestors. You can even go into a meditation and "meet" with them. What would you say to them? What message do they have for you?

Halloween is Your Chance to Be Authentically YOU

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, use it as an opportunity to own your spirituality, whatever that looks like. When else can you air your interest in the occult, in tarot, in witchcraft and have it be completely socially acceptable?! For me, I'm working on being more open about all of these aspects of me year 'round, and it's a learning process. What's really been wonderful is how accepting and curious those around me are, even if they're not equally as obsessed about traipsing down their spiritual path!

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