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Gratitude: The Secret Ingredient to Manifesting

Asking for what you want from the Universe/Goddess is a big part of manifesting, but it's not the whole recipe.

It's kinda like going to your Grandma's house as a kid and demanding she feed you cookies. She might do it, but she's probably not going to be happy with your attitude.

Why? Because you didn't show gratitude!

Goddess Likes to Be Appreciated

I don't know how you were raised, but I was taught to say please and thank you. Whether it's your grandmother or the Goddess (really, they're one and the same), show a little respect.

When you ask for something you want to bring into reality, be polite:

Great Goddess, I ask that you please help me lose another 10 pounds so I can feel more healthy and happy. Thank you!

That wasn't so hard, was it?

If you're building a relationship with Goddess, I invite you to throw Her a tiny party. If you have an altar, place Her oracle card there, along with a candle, crystal, flowers, or even piece of candy to show your appreciation.

Expand Your Gratitude

Be grateful even when you're not asking for something. I have a practice of listing three things I'm grateful for from the day that's passed each evening, and then three things I'm grateful for in the upcoming day each morning. It's a bit like prayer, I guess. What it does is keep my perspective on what I already have in my life rather than always wanting more. It helps me be here now.

Gratitude and manifesting go together, so get into an attitude of gratitude!

What are you grateful for right now? For me, I'm super grateful you read this post!

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