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What Does it Look Like to Embody the Divine?

I'm coming off a natural high of an incredible weekend. This weekend, I became initiated as a Mystic Priestess, under the tutelage and guidance of Marcela McBride. It has been an incredible 9 months!

Being a Priestess means different things to each of the 10 initiates, but to me, it means that I am committed to embodying the Divine.

What does that look like, you ask?

For me, it's:

  1. Being my authentic self. Not editing who I am because I am afraid of how people will react. Their reactions are not my problem.

  2. Being kind. Even to my ex-husband. :)

  3. Speaking with thought and integrity. I sometimes have used my words as weapons, and I wish to cease that.

  4. Listening more. I talk A LOT, and that keeps me from truly hearing.

  5. Offering aid, advice, or healing only when it is wanted and can be received with the intention I give. Being on this spiritual path, I often feel like, if only this person had the spiritual tools I have, they wouldn't be so miserable. But I'm learning that some people like their misery, and it's not up to me to help/save them.

  6. Honoring and listening to my intuition. For years, I ignored it. No more.

  7. Opening my heart and mind to signs, synchronicities, and symbols. They tell me that my guides and the Universe are looking out for me.

  8. Being patient -- truly patient! I need to know that what I want will be given in Divine right timing.

  9. Nurturing my mind. We're all guilty of mindlessly vegging out on tv, books, or games. Sometimes is okay, but sometimes we're distracting ourselves when we shouldn't.

  10. Honoring my body and mind, and being gentle with myself when needed. 'Nuff said.

  11. Remembering that I am a Divine being in human form. I can meditate all day, but then I can still be bitchy. It's all good.

  12. Honoring my Priestess sisters, past, present, and future, and holding space for the community I'm in. That means you! I realize my purpose is to build communities of women, supported by the Holy Feminine. The Goddesses! I honor you for being even a little curious about what is out there beyond what you can see!

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