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Don't Like Resolutions? Try Manifesting Goals

I know I'm one of few people who really loves setting New Year's Resolutions each year. And yes, I actually stick to them! Looking at last year's list, I pretty much achieved all 10 items.

But if the term "resolution" turns you off, I invite you to reframe it. Manifest instead.

What Do You Want This Year?

Life has been fucking crazy the past two years. We all but suspended life and now I think we're trying to resume "normalcy," whatever that is.

You may have been so busy being mired in the negativity of the news and pandemic and may not really have considered what you want going forward.

Let's do that now.

What would you like to happen this year?

Probably for COVID to be obliterated. Me too.

What do you want for your personal relationships? More harmony with your family? To find a partner? To make new friends?

What about work? Are you ready to let go of a job that is sucking your soul? Do you want to step into a promotion to embrace challenge? Maybe you want to start a new business? One of my goals this year is to launch my business coaching company once I'm done with my coaching certification!

How about your self care and personal development? Do you want to get certified in reiki? Have more regular massages? Put yourself first, finally?

Write Your Intentions

There's no right or wrong way to set intentions. Here's a recommendation.

Take some time when you won't be disturbed. Settle down with a cozy blanket, a warm bevvie, a candle, and a journal and pen.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath.

Imagine your life in three months. In six. In 12. What's different from right now? What visions light you up and get you excited?

These are what you need to set as intentions.

Make the list as long as you want. No judgment. No filter. Dream bigger than big.

Let Go of the Naysayers

It's human nature to doubt that anything is possible. As you make this list, do you hear a little nasty voice telling you it's pointless to list something because it'll never happen?

Maybe you want to make more money but that voice says you'll never make more than you're making now. This comes from a scarcity mindset, and you're far from alone in having this.

Know it is possible to block out these voices. It takes time. Start today. When the voice tells you that you can't, gently whisper, "I can."

Use affirmation statements each and every day:

I am worthy of manifesting my dreams.

The Universe wants me to be happy.

I can.

I will.

Be gentle with yourself if this doesn't happen overnight. It didn't for me. But as I began to manifest small things, I gained the confidence to manifest bigger things like a house, vacations to Italy, and the people around me.

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