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Do You Believe in Magic?

Do you believe in spirits? Fairies? The Universe? Gods? Goddesses? Magic?

If you don't, that's perfectly okay.

I do, and I'm finally ready to be open about it.

For a long time, I lived two lives. There was the logical, businessminded Susan who runs a marketing company. Then there was my "afterhours" self: the artist, witchy-woo girl who played with crystals and tarot. I didn't talk to many people about this side of me, for fear of judgment or being ostracized.

Then I launched this business.

And I got scared.

Because it meant telling people--friends--who had no idea I had two sides to me that indeed I did, and this magical side was coming up strong.

I cowered. I buried my head in the sand. I even came up with another persona for The Goddess Magic Circle so I could separate the two parts of me.

But then a friend reminded me that I owed it to myself to be authentically who I am. Woo and all. She said if some people had a problem with who I was, they were not my people.

I knew she was right. I knew I had to be brave and be ME.

When Do We Stop Believing?

As children, we all pretty much believe in magic. Santa. Make-believe friends. But one day someone breaks our fragile reality by telling us that these things aren't real. We feel like fools for being lied to and eating it up.

So we grow up and become pragmatic. We reason that because we can't see something, it can't be real (and yet, Christianity prevails without substantive proof of a higher power...).

But something remains broken in us for giving up that belief in magic, I think. We miss out on some pretty incredible things because our brains can't wrap around how they could be true.

Take This Journey With Me

Ten years ago if you'd told me I would be channeling Goddesses and hearing people speak light language without giggling, I wouldn't have believed you. But I met a few people who opened me up to things beyond what I could see (I live in California, mind you), and my concept of reality slowly expanded.

The Goddess Magic Circle is as much a personal journey for me as I lean into my Divine Feminine side and open up about the things I'm really passionate about. I hope you'll stick with me on this journey, whether you're fully-immersed in magic already or merely curious about what it's all about. My aim is to create a community where women (and men, if they're so inclined) can feel safe to talk about magic and ask questions of one another, rather than hiding their curiosity in shame, the way I have.

Who you are, no matter what you believe, what you do, or who you love, should never be hidden. You are phenomenal just the way you are...and I am too!

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