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Understanding the Divine Feminine

This is such a huge topic, and one I've struggled to identify clearly. Here goes something.

The Divine Feminine refers to a time (pre-Christianity) when Goddesses were worshipped and revered, much the way God is in Christianity.

I also like Emily Torres' definition:

Ultimately, the Divine Feminine is a non-denominational concept and self-

exploration that restores a balance to our worship and spiritual practices. It’s the

ease that balances out the control, the moon that pulls the tides while the sun

warms the earth.

While there are still Goddess cultures on the planet right now, much of it was overshadowed by Christianity. They spread the message that these "pagan" traditions weren't aligned with the Church, and then those that continued in the Goddess tradition were often persecuted (cue witch trials in Europe and America).

Is it a Religion?

No, not in the sense you're thinking. It's kinda like yoga in that it can be enjoyed parallel to your religion without interfering with it. I know plenty of Christians who also work with Goddess energy (and do yoga). For me, the Divine Feminine is how I get to know myself and balance my masculine energy.

Let's Talk About Energies

Okay, so I just mentioned masculine energy. But I'm a woman. Masculine or feminine energy actually has nothing to do with gender. We all have both types of energy, but typically there's an imbalance if you aren't deliberate about finding equilibrium.

Masculine energy is all about action. Moving forward, sometimes without thinking. Control. It's more assertive (or aggressive, depending). It's what you need when you have a project that needs doing. I find running a business, I've picked up a lot of masculine energy along the way because so much of business is in that forward-propulsion mindstate.

Feminine energy is more nurturing. It's about reflecting on a decision rather than jumping into it. When I spend the weekend alone, reading and journaling, that's my feminine energy. 2020 was hugely feminine for me because there simply wasn't much I could do or plan with the pandemic going on. I had nothing to do but be introspective!

I believe that Christianity is heavily masculine energy in nature. While there were important females in the Bible, they take a back seat (I'm looking at the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene, who at some point, I will blog about).

I'm not knocking it, but now that I've found the Divine Feminine, I see the balance that bringing in feminine energy can bring to religion, spirituality, love, and life.

How to Bring the Divine Feminine Into Your Life

If you're curious about the Divine Feminine, stick around. Or join my Facebook group. I talk a lot about different Goddess energies and how you can connect with them to be happier, healthier, and more balanced.

There are Goddesses from cultures on every single continent. And we each embody the Divine Feminine energy of them. What do I mean? If you have a relationship that is no longer serving you but can't find the courage to walk away, you could call on the Goddess Kali to help you cut those ties and move forward. She can imbue you with powerful warrior energy that you might not feel in your daily life.

There's a Goddess for just about everything, and it's my mission to help you connect with the ones you need right now.

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