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5 Reasons You Need a Retreat Right Now

Greetings! As you're reading this, I am nestled in the woods of north Georgia at a shamanic retreat. After the past couple of years, I desperately need to retreat from the world and rejuvenate my soul.

Have you ever been to a retreat? Yoga? Creative? Meditation? They're wonderful tools for the soul. Here's why you need to prioritize having one.

1. You Step Outside of Your Life

Ya know how you always sleep really soundly when you're in a hotel room? There's something about stepping outside of our lives, away from the daily tasks and chores that eat up our time and energy, that allows us to fully recharge.

I feel so disconnected from what's going on back home (in a good way!) and this allows me to focus 100% on ME. YASS!!

2. You Learn to Live without Technology

Not all retreats require you to shut off your phone for days, but I like to anyway. We've become Pavlov's dogs when it comes to responding to every ding and ping that our phones make, but when we shut them off, we magically tune into what's going on around us.

3. You Meet Cool People

I have never been to a retreat where I didn't leave with friends. In fact, one of the first yoga retreats I went to was in Italy and I made some amazing friends who, fortunately, live in my city and I can see regularly.

Retreats attract likeminded people, so it's a great opportunity to find your tribe.

4. You Learn So Much About Yourself

Just by slowing down and focusing on yourself, you open up to insights from your higher self. I love to journal, and I'm always amazed at the juicy nuggets that come when I shed all the responsibilities of my day-to-day life and just listen to what my higher self wants me to know. Inevitably, I walk away with tons of ideas I'm excited to put into motion.

5. It's a Gift to You

I know a lot of people, specifically women, don't always invest in self care because they're too busy taking care of their loved ones. But as they say on airplanes, you've got to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. A retreat is a lovely way to honor yourself and invest in your wellbeing. It's always, always a worthwhile investment!

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