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Su Guillory: Priestess. Witch. Business Magic Maker.

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How did a woman who made her career writing about business and finance end up with a spiritual site focusing on communing with Goddesses?


I ask myself the same thing every day. 


I used to be so left-brained, analytical, and logical. I was great at my job. But I didn’t feel fulfilled. I knew there was more to life than what was on the surface.


As I began to dive into my spiritual side, I started taking visual meditations and shamanic journeys. Each time, I would meet a guide or spirit who would offer me some valuable insight.


I’ve always been interested in mythology, particularly Greek and Roman, so it should be no surprise that Goddesses started showing up!

What was interesting was that my interaction with them was far from the humbled deity reverence I was familiar with, having grown up in the Catholic church (and said goodbye to it in my teens).


Instead, the Goddesses feel like old friends. I often sit with Mary Magdalene (and yes, I consider her a Goddess) when I'm being hard on myself and need compassion and a cup of tea. Kali, unlike her fierce, fiery reputation, is actually quite gentle and protective. Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga, and Brigid are other favorites.


I realized this communing with Goddesses was a gift, and it’s one I have relied on more and more.


My connection with Goddess has evolved into my offering Goddess Oracle Readings and intuitive coaching services.


I look forward to introducing you to Goddess energy that you can use for positive results in your life!



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Shelley, Alberta, Canada

Coming to Su for a Goddess Reading was very insightful for me. She introduced me to a larger-than-life Goddess for me to connect with, one I had not been acquainted with yet, and was super helpful for the question that I was asking.
Su has a great connection to the Goddess realm and offered very good points for me to consider and practice. I have more clarity now on how to move forward with what I am wanting to do. Thank you, Su! I am grateful for the work you are bringing out to share with your clients.

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Natasha, Toronto

When I asked Su for a reading I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. When I received her words, though, I was blown away.


Everything from how she connected to the Goddess who walks with me at this time to the details this Goddess spoke of was incredible.


I am definitely going to ask Su to connect with Goddess on my behalf again. Su has a true gift in connecting and receiving medicine from Goddess. I definitely recommend getting a reading from Susan.

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Cindy, North Carolina

I came to Su with a question about my business. The insights she received from the Goddess were VERY insightful and really made me ponder the message.


One of my main takeaways was that I am worthy of compassion and only I can give that to myself. This was a BIG eye-opener for me…and an on-going process.


Su has a lovely light-filled spirit and these Goddess Readings are a perfect way for her to shine her light in the world!

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