The Goddess Magic Circle helps women realize their true potential by connecting with Divine Feminine Goddess power.
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Welcome Goddess! Let me ask you something:

Do you feel itchy?

Do you feel like there's something inside of you ready to come out...but you don't know how to birth it?

Are you at a point in your life where you want more fulfillment...spiritually? Financially? Emotionally?

Maybe you've tried to manifest your dreams through the Law of boards...crossing your fingers and wiggling your nose...and still you aren't living the life you were designed to.

Something's missing. Something big.

It's the Goddess!

The Goddess in all her forms, whether that's Lakshmi, Athena, Kali, Brigid, or any of the thousands of Goddesses worldwide, is ready to guide you to stepping into your power and creating your true, happy life.

The Goddess Magic Circle is that bridge to the Goddess. Here, we can help you:

  • Start a business you're passionate about

  • Find love after years of searching

  • Bring joy into your life

  • Manifest whatever it is that you want

Below you can learn about the services that we offer to help you connect to Goddess.

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A Powerful Connection to Goddess


Goddesses have utterly changed my life through the wisdom and guidance they give me. Call them my Higher Self or other beings entirely; it really doesn’t matter. To me, the fact that the messages I receive from them help me live better is all the proof I need that there is more to this life than meets the eye.


I look forward to introducing you to Goddess energy that you can use for positive results in your life!

-Su Guillory


"I came to Su with a question about my business. The insights she received from the Goddess were VERY insightful and really made me ponder the message. One of my main takeaways was that I am worthy of compassion and only I can give that to myself. This was a BIG eye-opener for me…and an on-going process. Su has a lovely light-filled spirit and these Goddess Readings are a perfect way for her to shine her light in the world!"
-Cindy, North Carolina


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